Where are the prices? Other websites often show their pricing!

Quite simply, any advertised price is often not what you pay in the long run after extras or “complications” are added on

We dont advertise any pricing as we know that every installation is different, even if two building look the same they will have different requirements

We believe in honesty and integrity, when you get a price from our team it will be something you can reply upon

what makes us different
So ... what is it that makes us different?

So … what is it that makes us different? 

its a good question to ask !

  • → A wider choice of manufacturer products than most other resellers and installers … a much wider range of product choices for you
  • → Australia wide installation network of qualified certified installers
  • → Residential, commercial and industrial installation crews
  • → Full Australian warranties on all products, no exceptions
  • → Supply of products backed by the largest suppliers in Australia

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